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Joshua Nissen King’s new works explore the conversation between the viewer and the neglected object. Forgotten or unseen fragments of memories and peripheral clutter fill the saturated space of King’s current series. The mark, the gesture, the color, and the simplicity of the suggestion of form are the primary components and the only tools used to access the viewer. Some items conjure stories from childhood, while others remind us of the importance of observation.


The deconstruction of both form and subject reveals the fragile fabrication of the facade, as well as equating the surreal deterioration to our capacity to retain memory and the inevitable fleeting of the details. color and suggestive shape alone play a huge part in tickling the senses. Even the most gestural marks in context with each other can suggest something so real to our memory. the device that is used has to be vague, items we all have encountered or know, but reside in the periphery of memory and every moment. Just as the items themselves receive barely enough rendering to be items our memories seem to be recalled through a blurry vignetted lens.


As we receive the visual language of every day, we are painting the background hastily while rendering whatever of importance inhabits the foreground. These works successfully portray the choppy fill as we travel through every day absorbing the minimum required visual information to create and store memory.  


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