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Stacked high like unkempt files, memories pile around my mind, their dusty tabs beckoning further investigation. My new works explore the idea of memory as debris and the inevitable artificiality that interferes with the natural landscape. Just as my mind was once a pure space, it is now cluttered with remnants of past experiences that carry with them visual and emotional weight 

defined by different moments throughout my life.


The real and unreal blend together as my imagination is confronted with past experiences and the landscape that they occupy becomes an amalgamation of unbridled imaginative youth blended with re-occurring references to the physical world. Both the figure and the loose clustering of artificial objects create a complimentary dialog with each other and the environment in spite of initially appearing as intrusive. 


Here the landscape is akin to a young child’s messy room, wherein even a jumble of mundane 

memories can take on the most magical form.


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