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My work is an accumulation of referenced objects, color, shape, and space. There is no sketch or blueprint for what the piece ‘should’ look like. I begin the process with a reference image, very rarely do I end it with the same one. My work demands organic growth, every mark is dependent on its predecessor each color is placed by the context in relation to other nearby colors. Each mark has a weight, they gather in the imaginary space so naturally as if not to tip the scale. If I had sketched an image, formulated an idea for where each piece would go, I would have already processed that information, that composition, that space, there would be no reason to execute it on a larger scale… where is the fun? I am so excited to enter the studio every day because the possibilities are limitless I learn from my process every day, the work tells me where to go more often than not, that is too far but just as my work depicts the artificiality invading the natural, perhaps the clutter is poignant.


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