"Rainbow Serpent" is a body of work that addresses the issue of perception of color in a playful way.  we perceive color as it is because of the refraction of light, therefore pigment is created by introducing the compounds necessary to refract that specific spectrum back at the viewer.  for example, a plant is only green because the plant cannot use or absorb the green spectrum of light, we only see it as green because it processes all the warm magenta and blue and bounces the green back at us. we are all reflections of light and we are all reflections of each other. White pigment is the absence of color, whereas the white spectrum of light is the presence of all wavelengths. They are equal and opposite.The body of work presents that dichotomy in the accessible "yin and yang" concept of dualism where seemingly opposite forces are in turn complementary and necessary to each others existence and success. a number of the works are painted in dark black realms while the other half is painted in a light white background, but throughout each piece the recurrence of a color shifting serpent solidifies continuity. 3D glasses possessing prisms for lenses, furthers this experience. all the cool saturated colors fall back in space while the warm bright saturated colors appear to float off the surface. The paradox of the "yin and Yang" is in all we are. It is the devil and the angel on our shoulders, it is dark skin and light skin, it is night and day, and so on. I believe the concept of race can be conquered just by understanding he perception of light and color. It is just a formality, and unnecessary one at that. In painting we are taught the term local color refers to pigment straight front he tube, colors typically synonymous with the standard red, green, blue, or in print cyan, magenta, black and yellow. what we don't consider is the local community is made up of the same color, mixed and and poured and brushed on in so many combinations, techniques and fashions. we truly are reflections of each other, mixtures of spectrum and wavelength, I perceive you as you are because i refract the light hitting me back at you and vice-versa we are vessels of water. our blood flow, our veins, the serpent, they are what make us all connected, all the same.